Welcome to Rosen International

Welcome to Rosen International, your premier partner in food and beverage supply and advisory services.

We specialize in providing top-quality products and expert guidance to help your business thrive in the competitive culinary landscape.
Our comprehensive range of services includes sourcing the finest ingredients, offering strategic advice, and ensuring seamless logistics to meet your unique needs.

At Rosen International, we understand the critical role that quality and efficiency play in the success of your food and beverage business.
Our dedicated team of professionals brings years of industry experience, ensuring that you receive not only the best products but also tailored solutions to enhance your operations.

Whether you’re a restaurant, catering service or individual trying to start your business,  we are committed to helping you achieve excellence.

Partner with us to elevate your culinary creations, streamline your supply chain, and stay ahead of industry trends. Discover the Rosen International difference – where quality meets expertise.

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email : alfred@roseninternational.com

Address : 10, Ubi Crescent #04-89

Ubi Techpark Lobby E

Singapore 408564