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Yuzu Konnyaku Jelly with Collagen with fish collagen for a healthier skin.
Strong aromatic Yuzu , high in fibre and and fish collagen
Packing : Ctn x 12 pkts x 10g ( 6pcs )
Unit price : $3.65 / pkt8
Minimum order quantity : 120 pkts ( 10 ctns )
Delivery lead time : about 14 days     
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Yuzu Mochi ( Frozen )
Packing : Box x 20pcs x 50g
Unit Price : $23.00/box
MOQ : 6 boxes

Yuzu An is wrapped in Japanese rice flour dough.

The sourness of the yuzu and the sweetness of the bean jam go perfectly together!

Topped with yuzu peel.                                                   Order Now