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Yuzu is a citrus fruit that taste like hybrid of lime, lemon and grapefruit. It had abundant vitamins and anti-oxidants.

We would like to bring to you a wide range of Yuzu products for your enjoyment or as gifts for your loved ones.

Bonito stick with Yuzu flavour
acking : Ctn x 100pcs x 40g
Unit price : $3.30 /pc
MOQ : 100pcs
Delivery lead time : 14 days
Boiled domestic Muneta bonito, carefully deboned and shaped by hand.
Seasoned with a refreshing salted lemon-flavored sauce and finished with a juicy flavor.
It's high in protein and low in calories, so it's a good choice for the athlete and health conscious.      
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Yuzu Dressing
Packing : Ctn x 24 btls x 180ml
Unit Price : $8.70/btl
MOQ : 24 btls
shelf life : 240 days
Delivery lead time : about 14 days

It's a perfect combination of yuzu juice from Kochi Prefecture and Shinshu miso.

Yuzu citrus juice from Kochi Prefecture and Shinshu miso are a perfect match!

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