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Maccha= Green tea powder

Great for pastry, ice cream and maccha latte.

Can mix with milk for a more nutritious drink.

Tea Link premium Japanese Tea pouches are made from specially selected premium tea leaves from Japan and manufactured under strict hygiene and safe environment.

Smooth and aromatic tea which will refresh your customer’s taste and appetite.

For dining , start with a nice Sencha and end with a aromatic Houji cha.

Relax in your home and office …..

Morning after your breakfast   A hot Sencha ( Green Tea) Afternoon after your lunch       A cup of Genmai Cha
After Dinner                                  A nice cup of Houji Cha


     Sencha            Genmai Cha          Houji Cha

   Sencha Tea Bag
( Premium Japanese Green Tea Bag

Great for inflights, hotels, cafes, office and homes

Connecting People with a cup of warm and nice Tea.