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We import , export and distribute products for the food industry.

We accept small lot orders .
Would you like to have your own original product ? We can help you !
Your original : Coffee , Confectionery, Green Tea, Dried fruits etc


Tea Link Mizkan’s famous Japanese sauces and seasonings will enhance your business. Contact us for this supply to make your business more competitive.

Call us at 65-6844 7162 or email : sales(at) for any enquiries

Okinawa 沖縄県 Okinawa

Famous for the longevity of the Okinawan, Okinawa products with a good lifestyle, will make your life healthier.

Talk to us for direct export form Japan and having your original brand for Okinawa health products.

Our base in Okinawa can be your production center.

Tea Link Tea products are specially made for the hospitality industry and not available in the retail shop.We produce them in Japan under very stringent health and safety condition to deliver the best quality teas to our customers.

Customisation and special blend request are possible. Products produced in Japan under stringent checks and safety standard

Okinawa tofuyo Tea Link Tea Link mizkan mizkan mizkan

Halal Japanese Food

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