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Okada Drip Bag is produced by Okada Coffee & Sweets, using our freshly roasted & freshly grounded coffee blends.

Coffee drip bags are very popular in Japan, Taiwan and Korea and besides it’s convenient, it is also a good bonding activity when you drip a freshly brewed cup o coffee for your friends or loved ones

Okada Blend Drip Bag      Price : $2.50         Order Now
This old fashioned coffee was established in Kumamoto Japan in 1945, blended with 7 types of arabica beans.
It has a well balanced blend of deep richness, sweetness and bitterness. This full body, long after taste and low acidity blend has been enjoyed by 3 generations in Japan.

East Coast Blend Drip Bag      Price : $2.50        Order Now
An elegant coffee featuring the bright acidity of Columbia, the chocolaty deep sweetness of Santos, and the floral & woody scent of Manhdeling.
This blend pairs well with our Peranakan dishes.    

Single Origin Coffee Drip Bags can be produced upon request.

1) Brazil Santos
2) Columbia Magdalena
3) Guatamela Blue Lake
4) Sidamo
5) Sumatra Manhdeling
7) Long Berry                                      Order Now