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Awamori is an alcoholic beverage indigenous and unique to Okinawa, Japan.
It is made by distillation and used long grain indica rice unlike Sake is made by brewing.

Awamori is aged in traditional clay pots to improve its flavor and mellowness and usually has the alcohol % of 25 to 40%.

The most popular way to drink awamori is with water and ice.
With our awamori base liqueur, you can enjoy the unique aromatic flavour of awamori blended with fruits.
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Ryukyu Gold Awamori
Alcohol : 30%
Ctn x 6 btls x 720ml

Aged Awamori. An indegenous and unique alcoholic drink in Okinawa. Mostly enjoy on the rock or mixed with water

Zanpa Awamori
Alcohol : 14%
Ctn x 24 cups x 200ml

Easy to drink Awamori with lower alcohol at 14%

Passion fruit Liqueur
Alcohol : 12%
Ctn x 6 btls x 500ml

Best seller in Okinawa.
A very fruitful Passion fruit  liquor blended with Awamori

Beni Imo Umeshu
Alcohol : 12%
Ctn x 6 btls x 500ml

Awamori Umeshu is enhanced by the extract of special beni imo, making it a perfect balanced liquor with the colour and flavour of sweet potato

Shikwasa Umeshu
Alcohol : 12%
Ctn x 6 btls x 500ml

Healthy Liquor produced with Umeshu by soaking premium plums in pure Awamori and extract from the very flavorful shikwasa in Ogimi Village , Okinawa

Ume Bijin Umeshu 720
Alcohol : 13%
Ctn x 12 btls x 720ml

Umeshu produced by Awamori as base. You can taste the plum and the aromatic awamori.

Not so sweet as compared to other umeshu.