Presenting you the Best from Shizuoka - Mount Fuji

We would like to bring to you the Best Quality product from our plant in Shizuoka.

Since its founding in 1984, ISOKOMA NORI Co.,Ltd. has made and sold foods and gift products loved by all. In our fast-moving modern times, customers' lifestyles and needs change from day to day, and we are also adapting to meet our customers demand With the motto of "Gifts That Show True Gratitude," we strive to develop, produce and sell products that will make everyone happy.
From the beginning, our company has given the utmost consideration to assure the safety of our food products by using the world's first aluminum wrapping-responsive metal detector, x-ray foreign object detectors, etc.

We are able to customise products according to your budget and preference.
For Gifts, Retail or Catering use - Call us for an non-obligatory discussion now !

Furikake - Rice Seasonings

“The Shimanto river green laver FURIKAKE series” has 5 kinds of flavors.
“ISO-GOMA-ICHIBAN” and “ GOMA-KATSUO-ICHIBAN” are our early FURIKAKE series, and they are loved not only for one’s own daily meal, but also as s gifts. Small packed is very convenient for packing with lunch box. It is also recommended for those who like to feel special by having a personal pack.
We also have “SAKURA-EBI-FURIKAKE” which includes cherry blossom colored shrimp fished from our local SURUGA bay. “NATTO-FURIKAKE” has unique flavor of fermented soy bean.

NO MSG CHAZUKE ( iInstant Soup Stock for Rice )

The CHAZUKE include green laver picked up in SHIMANTO river series” has 3 kinds, Seaweed and Sour plum and salty salmon. They are additive-free natural food.

Point 1 : green laver … from SHIMANTO river (known as the last clear stream in Japan) only.
Point 2 : dried bonito … low fat bonito fished locally in YAIZU port around February and March.
Point 3 : sea tangle … used only EJIRI, HOKKAIDO grown, famous highest grade sea tangle.
Point 4 : small sized rice crackers … used only the TAKASAGO sticky rice grown in the north HIROSHIMA.
Point 5 : green tea …to enrich the taste, powdered green tea grown in KAKEGAWA, SHIZUOKA were added.

Yaki Nori ( Roasted Seaweed series )

All are 100% made in JAPAN. Main production areas are ARIAKE Sea in KYUSHU, CHIBA and AICHI.
All products are toasted, cut and packed in our own factory. It means that it cost are cut and customer can purchase high quality products with low price.
Especially, the grade-B (not for gift) type is a bargain. It is suitable for self consumption.

SURIGOMA(Ground sesame), KUROGOMA-KINAKO(Roasted soy flour with black sesame)

Sesame is very healthy seasoning.It is easy to use without any preparation to save time in one’s busy life.“SURIGOMA” is convenient for cooking use. “GOMA-AE-NO-MOTO” which is instant tossed sesame, is easiest to use for cooking.

 “KUROGOMA-KINAKO” which is roasted soy flour with black sesame is nice to be added to yoghurt, for healthy eating.

MATCHA LATTE(Japanese Green tea Latte)
Purple Sweet Potato Latte

It made from high quality vivid green MATCHA and full-bodied milk. It is not so sweet and has good flagrance.
We use only ASAHINA MATCHA grown locally in SHIZUOKA.
We are proud of our MATCHA LATTE because it is very different from other product which is sweetened drink colored in green.

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maccha latte purple sweet potato latte